Burn Model

Burn RAIR to mint licenses

RAIR tokens are burned and converted to a soul-bound NFT representation of the license that each entity can use as proof-of-license.

Each dApp deployed using RAIRprotocol must apply to the association at rairprotocol.org to receive a valid license NFT.

RAIR token to NFT Conversion process

  1. Entity behind dApp applies at rairprotocol.org. Submits 0x addresses for their dApp used to calculate onchain revenue.

  2. Association calculates needed RAIR tokens to mint NFT. Average weekly RAIR token price / dApp revenue X % revenue.

  3. Association sends entity a valid hash transaction with required RAIR tokens.

  1. Entity submits an onchain transaction burning RAIR tokens and minting valid license NFT to insert into the NOTICE file of their code repository.

Annual renewal

Association will perform an audit annually to maintain valid license from initial license date.


dApp makes 1mm in year 1. 1 dollar RAIR token price = 50,000 RAIR tokens to burn to mint valid license.

dApp makes 10mm in year 2. 2 dollar RAIR token price = 250,000 RAIR tokens to burn to maintain valid license.

Epic Games Based Revenue Model

RAIRprotocol inherits business logic behind how Epic Games licenses it's Unreal engine to developers.

RAIRprotocol receives ~5% of gross onchain revenue netted by each dApp deployed using RAIRprotocol over 1mm annual revenue. Volume discounts at scale negotiable by tier.

TierRevenue startRevenue EndRevenue %












TBD <5%




TBD <5%


Affiliate model

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