RAIR Core Web3 Infrastructure provider

To use RAIR with an optimal user experience you'll need an Alchemy API key.

Without Alchemy, RAIR can still work! But the user experience will typically be much worse as you'll need to fetch blockchain data directly from a public RPC endpoint (which gets spammed a lot). Also you won't have access to easy smart account creation, easy NFT metadata CDN caching, and many other quality-of-life tools for your application.

Docker Compose ENV

All you need to do is paste in a single API key in the sample.env in the root directory!

You don't need to touch the rair-sync system. It is designed to automatically sync with Alchemy out-of-the-box.

Updating the sample.env file in the main repo will route your key to Docker compose at build time.

ALCHEMY_API_KEY: ${alchemy_api_key}

Getting an Alchemy Key

Test accounts are free! Deploy to Sepolia or Matic Amoy with a free Alchemy API key. Then upgrade later for prod deployments.

Why Alchemy? We started on Moralis in 2021, then tried Quiknode, and IMHO Alchemy works the best (easiest to use, most reliable at not dropping transactions). This repo is open though so we'd love for you to submit a PR adding support for more services.

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  • You'll need a test app and JSON-RPC & NFT APIs for rair-sync to work.

  • You'll need Gas Manager to use our Account Kit integration to make managed wallets for your users.

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