Preferred RAIRprotocol Wallet-as-a-Service provider

Web3Auth securely manages ERC4337 smart account wallets on behalf of your users with this simple integration.

Web3Auth is the default WaaS provider for RAIRprotocol. We really like the simple setup, reliability, and low cost (<$.05 per MAW and free up to 1000 MAW). If you'd like to add support for other WaaS we'd love for you to fork our repo!

Integration Steps

  1. Make sure you also have a valid Alchemy API key (to use Account Kit)

  2. Insert Web3Auth API key into this environment variable at build time.


Manage users accounts easily inside of Web3Auth!

Default Frontend

All Frontend work for the Marketplace is prebuilt using the over-the-shelf Web3Auth UI.

Frontend should look like this. Settings to enable and disable certain login providers are all handled on Web3Auth side in their dashboard.

Want to integrate with Web3Auth headlessly? Feel free to modify and extend our codebase!

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