Permissions and Access Controls


Who controls access to what is of paramount importance to the mission of the RAIR project. Effectively all permissions in RAIR are governed by a valid sessionID that is generated either from valid onchain or offchain data by the RAIRnode.

On-chain vs Off-chain Checks

As currently configured:

  • Onchain checks (from blockchain data) are required for: Admin access. DRM unlocking of videos.

  • Offchain checks (from internal database) are required for: Superadmin access. Setting user flags like Yoti age verification.


Browser cookies delineate access to RAIR. The process for validating all users is the same:

  1. Send a valid user's 0x address to the RAIRnode

  2. Validate onchain or offchain the correct parameters

  3. Pass a valid SessionID to the users browser.

User Types

Successful RAIR Validation offers tooling for 3 types of user by default:

  • Type 1 - Basic user. Low-level access. Users accessing deployed systems to buy/sell NFTs, consume content etc.

  • Type 2 - Admin/Creator. Mid-level access. Users can deploy NFT collections, update their metadata, upload videos, etc.

  • Type 3 - Superadmin. Top-level access. Full control over deployment of the system. Site wide UI/UX, showing and hiding collections, setting, site wide royalties etc.

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