Points Accrual

Inflation redemption mechanism

Once FFDM is achieved, a 1x "free" period will match RAIR deployment costs for the final 800,000,000 RAIR processed through the system. E.g. send 10 RAIR to deploy smart contract, receive 10 RAIR from treasury.

Finally, a terminal emissions rate of new RAIR will be determined by DAO governance not to exceed a 2% annual emissions rate once the 800m matching period is exhausted.E.g. send 10 RAIR to deploy smart contract, receive XX<10 RAIR from treasury. OR send 10 RAIR, treasury burns X RAIR, etc tbd by DAO.

During this period, RAIR tokens will be earned through various value accretive onchain activies. Prior to receiving fungible tokens, users will accrue nontransferable wallet locked "points".

At launch, there will be only 3 activities that count towards point accrual.

  • Minting NFT Licenses. RAIR points accrual for burning RAIR to mint licenses per ARR tranches listed in 4.1.1.

  • Deploying Smart Contracts. 10 RAIR per deployment.

  • Signing up for accounts by binding social logins. 10 RAIR per unique account.

DAO will decide further points accrual activities after FFDM.

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