How RAIR tokens work

This is the official RAIR token ERC20 0x address. Please double check this matches your records

To keep the tokenomics simple and straightforward, the RAIR token is designed with only 2 primary functionalities.

  • Burn model: Burning RAIR tokens for a perpetual license NFT at graduated rates based on enterprise ARR.

  • Reward model: Performing onchain activities (Deploying and updating RAIR smart contracts) requires RAIR. Incentive systems to reward early adoption and compensate open source development via a points -> fungibles conversion process. Our factory deployment tools require the submission of RAIR tokens along with each onchain deployment to function.

How to License RAIRprotocol


While our token licensing system can be forked and bypassed, choosing to pay the RAIR tokens funds open source development, and ensures the officially verified smart smarts are used.

  • Only wallets with valid license NFTs can collect rewards, and submit pull requests to the open repo.

  • Projects bypassing the token code are in violation of the terms of use of the open source licensing agreement.

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