The RAIR project is governed natively by RAIR token holders.

Members holding any amount of RAIR tokens can help decide the future of the project. RAIR members proposed this structure which can be modified as needed by a supermajority.

Governance doc is currently a work in progress. Not final until voted in

What RAIR tokens control

  • Proposing new initiatives in Github issues

  • Proposing changes to the governance structure (supermajority)

  • Adding/removing governance members in control of treasury

  • Directly allocating treasury below certain thresholds

  • All other tokenomic logical values not hardcoded (burning licenses, setting ARR burn tiers, etc)

Initial Conditions

At the time of DAO creation, RAIR governance will be officially transferred to the control of the DAO.


The project will undergo 2 periods of decentralization.

  • Initial phase: RAIR is controlled by the original ~40 members of RAIR

  • Public phase: When full governance is deployed

    • XX unique wallet addresses are registered and verified onchain with a minimum RAIR token balance of YY

    • AND Treasury balance exceeds ZZ ETH equivalent value

RAIR will transition to a fully community governed project via a community wide vote of all registered members. (see voting requirements in the voting section ⬇️)


There are many challenges to overcome when creating a fair and equitable voting structure.

One token one token can be easily gamed by large holders, setting incentives wrong can cause treasury funds to be misallocated, etc.

To combat these issues, RAIR governance structure proposes the following.

  1. DAO Members must privately dox to vote via a seasoned 0x wallet address:

  • Unique wallet address with minimum RAIR balance held in wallet for XX days

  • Must attend live voting Zoom meeting

  • Verified via Yoti to whatever standards decided by DAO (proof-of-human / age gated/ KYC / etc)

  1. Elected treasury oversees management of funds above a certain threshold

  • Mult-sig control of treasury

  • Role based control of DEX and CEX APIs

  • Role based control of smart contracting logic (including MINT function)


Below are the current logical values for important attributes of the governance system

Initial phase thresholds

~40 core RAIR DAO members can vote on the following:

  • XX Amount in ETH only treasury members can distribute

  • XX% voting threshold to add/remove treasury members

  • XX% voting threshold to update governance rules

Community phase thresholds

Entire community can vote on the above items from initial phase as well as:

  • Can allocate XX ETH per proposal directly with..

  • XX number of votes required to distribute directly voted funds

  • Propose new amendments to governance structure

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