Token Supply

TL;DR 1B initial tokens. Up to 1.8B total

1,000,000,000 RAIR tokens will be generated at TGE.

  • P1 Tokens were valued at 15m initial fully diluted market cap (IFDM) in 2021

  • P2 Tokens were valued at 25m IFDM in 2022

2 tranches will be available at the 2024 token sale pre TGE via a liquidity bootstrapping protocol (LBP).

  • P3 Tokens 30m IFDM (1m USD equivalent)

  • P4 Tokens 35m IFDM (2.5m USD equivalent)

Initial inflationary rewards period will generate new RAIR at a rate of 2x per deployed onchain activity for the first 800,000,000 RAIR processed through the system. E.g. send 10 RAIR to deploy smart contract, receive 20 RAIR points from treasury. This will generate a final fully diluted marketcap (FFDM) of 1.8b RAIR. Reward mechanism is designed to balance token distribution between early adopters and later participants.

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